House System
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House System

One of the uniqueness of the Buckswood British system is to unite students of different grades in one team and for one purpose. 

Students from VII grade are divided into universal teams - the so-called houses, that compete with each other in school rankings throughout the year in the following fields - sports competitions, intellectual championships, implementing social projects, organizing interesting thematic events, staging the best performances, providing academic support to juniors, and so on.

There are eight houses in Buckswood High School:

1. AUSTEN (official color - white);

2. KIPLING (official color - red);

3. BRONTE (official color - orange);

4. DOYLE (official color - blue);

5. MILNE (official color – dark blue);

6. ROWLING - (official color – light green);

7. SCHOOL HOUSE (official color - purple);

8. WELLS (official color - green).

In each house, representatives of all classes are united in equal numbers, who share individual responsibilities for the overall results of the team. For example, if a student gets a positive score in an individual rating, it is automatically added to the corresponding total house score, and vice versa - in case of violation of any school rules, the loss in the individual rating directly deducts the accumulated points in the whole house.

By the end of the school year, the winning House members are awarded with special gifts and diplomas.

House System
House System

Each house is led by prefects, advanced students, who are a key part of Buckswood School. We believe that every student has the potential to be a leader, and that is why we give them the chance to show that potential. Prefects are selected by school staff at the beginning of each academic year. Prefects are monitored and evaluated by school administration, teachers and the headmaster throughout the year. Prefects are selected based on teacher observation and written recommendations. In addition to the recommendations, the views of the students in each class are taken into account when selecting prefects. The status of prefect is rotational and changes at the end of each year.

The major duty of the prefects is to assist the school administration in organizing and arranging their own houses. The work of the prefects is model and exemplary for all students. They always care about strengthening the image and reputation of the school, protect the interests of the students and take care to share their views, they are distinguished by fairness, high sense of responsibility, politeness and self-organization. Prefects constantly monitor students' actions and respond immediately to school violations; Raising the overall rating of the houses largely depends on the success of the prefects.

The head of Prefect Body is the Head of School at Buckswood School. This is the most honorable title a Buckswood student can receive. He / she is the face of Buckswood School and a symbol of success of high school students. The Head of School is appointed annually directly by the principal on the basis of complex academic and personal criteria and the recommendations of the academic management.