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The Buckswood School curriculum is based on the Georgian National Curriculum, as well as the unique traditions of the British school system and European educational innovations.

The teaching approach combines the use of age-appropriate modern methods, such as VR and AR technologies, the flipped classroom principle, project-based learning, debates, role-playing / simulation games and more.


Under the academic program, Buckswoodians study the following subjects and special courses:

·       Georgian language and literature;

·       Mathematics, logic and chess;

·       Innovation and modern professions program - programming, robotics, 3D modeling and printing, basics of industrial design;

·       Foreign languages - English, German, French, Russian;

·       Enhanced sports module - general health program, football, volleyball, artistic gymnastics, basketball and rugby;

·       Natural Sciences - Nature / Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology;

·       Social Sciences - Civic Education, History, Our Georgia, Geography, Civil Defense and Security;

·       Art and music;

·       Elective Module: World Literature and Introduction to Economics.

·       One of Buckswood's main innovations is the replacement of the traditional class concept with the principle of "subject classes", which involves the distribution of students in the upper grades (grades VII-XII) in all subject areas with different composition. Students are divided into mathematics and English according to their academic achievements, in sports – according to the desired type, and in all other subject groups – based on the house-membership, number and gender balance. This scheme of variable and mixed groups ensures the active socialization of students and the development of skills for rapid adaptation to the new environment, which is one of the most necessary and in-demand competencies of the 21st century.