Summer School
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Summer School

Summer camp program in Tskneti

Buckswood School has many years of experience of organizing summer camps and intensive training courses. Each year, Buckswood School offers one, two, three, or four-week camps for students of all ages in the following modules:

·       Intensive English course;

·       Integrated science course (physics, chemistry, biology, technology);

·       General sports and recreation course (sports competitions, hiking, horseback riding).

Summer School
Summer School

Summer camp program in Great Britain

Buckswood gives Georgian students (including non-Buckswoodians) a unique opportunity to participate in a special summer program at Buckswood School in the UK, Hastings, near London. The program duration is one week and includes:

Intensive English language course in an international English-speaking environment;

·       Cognitive activities;

·       Cultural excursions to visit the sights of London;

·       Accomodation on the British Buckswood campus;

·       Plane ticket and domestic transportation;

·       Medical insurance;

·       A professional guide from Buckswood School.

For registration or detailed information on summer programs, you can contact the Buckswood Communications Coordinator at: 577992993 or email: